Firstly, we highly recommend you to use desktop / laptop while uploading the courses for a better experience on the big screen. You can simply register as an expert and follow the simple instructions to post the course. The format of the course structure should be defined as easy as possible to make the student understand without any difficulty. The hierarchy of the course content would be as simple as : Section Name >> Lesson Name >> Topic Name. You can add multiple sections in the course. At the same time, you can add multiple lessons under the sections and multiple topics under the respective lessons. Please click here to read the checklist.



This video explains how to structure the course content in the most simplest way. Also it showcases how to add the course, lessons and topics with a simple drag and drop features. It is very easy to load the course videos under the respective topics.

Rules and guidelines for the Experts


<> The content of the course should be uniquely designed and explained. One course one purpose.

<> Must provide the relevant course trailer, cover image, and description 

<> At least 15 minutes of video content should be added per topic. You can add as many topics as possible. 

<> The videos must be in HD video quality (720p or 1080p or better)

<> Audio quality must be clearly audible

 <> Check the preview of the course and how it looks like before you submit the course for approval


<> Course content should NOT promote too much about any particular product or service. A small brief at beginning or end of the course is allowed.

<> Course content must be owned by the expert only. Any content theft from 3rd party sources would lead to legal consequences (if the case is proven). The content of the course should NOT have any similarities with Youtube’s content and related platforms. In case if multiple parties are involved preparing the content or videos, the person whoever posts the course is solely responsible for the ownership of the content. If there any disputes by other parties, the person whoever posted the course must be must be responsible for any legal proceedings.

<> The content should NOT include any kind of coupon codes, links or promotional references.

<> The size of each video should NOT exceed 1GB.

<> The total run time of the videos as part of the course should NOT exceed 5 hours

<> The software which is used to create videos must be a free version or paid version. Any pirated or counterfeit versions are strictly prohibited. Such courses will NOT be approved.

Some free software to create screen recorder videos

Free softwares to EDIT videos

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