Business Analysis Master Class by Sherine Greig and Team (15+ years of exp)

Business analysis basicsImportance of business analysisResponsibilities of business analystMajor roles of BABusiness analysis planning and monitoring2 phases of SDLCSDLC from Spiral model onAgile methodologyAgile methodology from extreme programming, ScrumAgile methodology scrum frame workUAT and BA rolesRequirement gathering and analysisElicitation techniquesElicitation technique – prototypingElicitation techniques focus […]

English Power Writing by Sherine Greig and Team (15+ years of exp)

Topics covered:9 practical guidelines to start writing, prune the redundant , avoid filler words,8 editings tips, avoid pleonasm, jargons, redundant words,superfluous clauses,unnecessary intensifiers, unnecessary phrases, excess modifiers10 editings tips, avoid expletive constructions,avoid hidden verbs, doublets and triplets, meaningless descriptions, unnecessary Clichés, noun strings, prepositions, complex […]

Mastering The Art of Public Speaking

Are you nervous addressing to the huge crowds? Public speaking is routinely described as one of the greatest fears among many —can make your palms sweat. But there are many ways to tackle this anxiety and learn to deliver a memorable speech. In this course […]