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Expert Details: I’m Arijit and I have over 10+ years of experience as a senior business analyst. I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge over the years working for large corporations. In this course, I have condensed everything I’ve learned in all these years working in the IT industry into a comprehensive guide to the basic elements that make up the most important tool in any Business Analyst’s career. Also I have provided quiz sessions under every lesson to test your knowledge.

This course is designed to train and mentor students, software engineers and IT enthusiasts, in very quick time and with practical, real-life work approaches. Business Analysts have great career prospects and they stand to earn anywhere between USD $70,000 – $200,000 or more, with freshers in the United States starting with around $70K. So, whether you’re an aspiring Business Analyst or one that’s new to the role – let this course be the first step of a lucrative and satisfying career.

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