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This course is a compilation of reviewing the history of 100’s of successful entrepreneurs. It can be a very useful course for those who are thinking of starting up a new business or just started off. Most people say, “you should fail before succeed.” You can be super successful from day one if you can follow certain proven rules. You do NOT want to do the same old mistakes that others did and failed miserably.

Here are the major topics that is covered in this course in the simplest way possible yet effective techniques.

  • Getting Into The Right Mindset
  • Finding The Right Opportunities
  • Identifying Business Prospects That Will Sell
  • Identifying The Risks And Countering Them
  • Identifying Your Target Customers/Market
  • Finding Your Resources
  • Formulating A Business Plan
  • Coming Up With an Advertising/Marketing Plan
  • Learning Profit Maximization Techniques
  • Hiring A Dedicated Team
  • Motivating Your Team
  • Have The Right Attitude Towards Your Investment
  • Winning Over The Competition
  • Taking Advantage of the Internet
  • Handling Debts Expertly
  • Gaining Know-How in Business
  • Protecting Your Company’s Image
  • Abiding To The Legal Requirements

Expert: Maitreya; 22+ years of experience; Serial Entrepreneur; Business Coach

Course Content

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