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Most frequent questions and answers

 Certainly. There are many eLearning sites available. However, stands out. We aim to change traditional education patterns and to make learning as practical as possible — this is only achievable when we share the original learnings from the real experts with the learners, not through academics. Most current eLearning sites focus on certification programs with too much emphasis on theory rather than practical knowledge. A lot of online courses today are quite expensive (course fees range from $10-$5000).  Businesses always prefer to hire individuals with practical experience. The marketplace allows learners to share their unique skills and short courses. Each course costs $1. The learners cannot download the course content (in all possible ways).  

The cost of each course is $1. is a global platform. A unique piece of content can reach as many as one million enrolees. However, there is no need to create a single long course. It depends on how unique your content is as part of the course. Experts can earn 40% of one dollar (i.e. $0.40) for every enrolment. The experts can make $20,000 ( = $0.40 X 50,000) in no time if the course content is unique and valuable for the learners. It is almost INR 15 lakhs in no time. You own the content and manage it accordingly.

For, the cost of video storage and streaming is huge. As a result, shares 40% of its earnings with the experts. covers the course’s entire cost within $1, as the lowest price.

  As an expert, you will be paid every month based on the number of enrolments on your courses. If you post multiple courses, you will be paid $0.40 for each enrolment. If you enroll 50,000 students between 1st May’22 and 30th May’22, you will receive $20,000 ($0.40 X 50,000). The amount will be settled within one week from the date of invoice. The amount will be deposited into your bank account directly (taxes may apply). Also you can check the number of enrols on your dashboard real-time. can be a wonderful platform for you if you are an individual (or group of individuals) looking to showcase your talent and inspire the world. Experts own 100% of the course content. Please submit your unique content. You are not only earning money, but also planting seeds in the minds of learners around the world. You get immense satisfaction from inspiring the world. This is all one-time recorded content. There are no live sessions. For the experts, it is a one-time effort.  

In the first place, we highly recommend that you post the courses from a desktop (not a mobile device). By registering as an expert, you can post a course by following the simple instructions. The format of the course structure should be made as easy as possible for the student to understand without any difficulty. The hierarchy of course content would be : Section Name >> Lesson Name >> Topic Name. A course can have multiple sections. Likewise, you can add multiple lessons under each section and multiple topics under each lesson. 

You can can find more details about how to post the course and guidelines here.

 We’re only interested in challenging courses – it’s more of a collection of techniques, shortcuts, and tips you’ve learned over the years. Our categories include IT/Web Development, Software, Mobile Apps, Business, Project Management, Product Management, Office Productivity, Digital Marketing, Design, Lifestyle, Arts & Crafts, Entertainment, Personality Development / Self-help, Photography, Dancing, Music, Yoga/Meditation, and related services. However, the content and narrative style must be very practical. For example, if you offer content which is widely available on blogs or YouTube, learners may not be interested in taking those courses. We want the experts to share their real tips, techniques, secrets, and strategies with the world. In the event that students / learners purchase the course, they will have access to it for 7 days (from the date of purchase).  

We are very particular about the content and teaching methods. If your content is an exact copy of something available on a public platform like YouTube, we do not honor such courses. Click here for the detailed guidelines (click here).

We recommend you to keep the length of every topic to 30-45 mins and limit the total length of the course upto 5 hours. There are some courses that can be taught in less than an hour too. It all depends on how effectively you teach. Also, you can split the courses into Basic Level, Intermediate Level, Advance Level etc. For instance, if someone wants to buy Advance Level course, it shows the pre-requisites as Basic and Intermediate levels. Also, you can teach the same content in regional languages to attract the masses.

 Yes, of course. You can teach specific topics and skills for any course.’s instructors are mostly corporate employees. We are delighted to have you on board.  

  The direction of the camera is not the most important factor here. You can teach in different ways. Keep your face to a minimum. If you are teaching a technology course, you can record the screen on your laptop (using tools like Zoom) and add your voice. Ultimately, the goal is to inspire the learners and make them grasp the concept well. It is all about the way you tell the story.   

Once you register as an instructor, you can easily create a course. Before you create the course, we recommend that you prepare the course image, description, course trailer, topics, and related videos. It takes only 30 minutes to create a course once all the course material is ready. 

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 All you have to do is select the course of your choice and purchase it — you’ll get access to it all. The course content is available for 7 days following the date of purchase / enrollment.  

The courses include the videos, presentation slides, text and additional resources whatever being uploaded by the experts. You can see the course trailer and content before make any purchase. In addition, experts can add quizzes, simple tests, assignments and coding exercises, as a way to improve the learning experience of students.

Every course offers multiple lessons and topics. Once you have done learning the specific lesson/topic, please click on ‘Mark Complete’ on the top of the page. And the course will automatically take you to next lesson and so on so forth.

No, it is completely illegal to download the course content and share with others. You can access the course online whatever is purchased. As the courses are priced at flat $1, its easy to afford for everyone.

No. Once you purchase the course, there is no refund. To begin with, you pay the lowest amount of $1. The experts are working so hard to offer you their skills. Check out the course description and related information before purchasing. After going through a rigorous approval process, our team does a wonderful job shortlisting the right courses.   

You can use all the famous browsers (i.e. Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera) both on desktop as well as mobile. But we currently restrict the access on UC browser.

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