About Us

noschool.app is a global marketplace for learning the practical education from the famous experts, corporate professionals, and industry leaders. When the students learn anything which is practical oriented, they can start seeing a huge difference in their careers and personal lives.

Flat $1

All the wisdom courses are priced at a flat $1. noschool.app covers the most famous categories including IT/ software, deep learning, business, marketing, health&fitness, arts, design, photography, music, and more.

Experts can earn huge

Experts can earn $0.50 for every enrol. For instance, if the course content attracts 50,000 enrols, the experts make $25,000 (= $0.50 X 50,000) in no time. Experts would get paid for every 2 weeks.

Access to global talent

The students would have access to the world's best experts who would share practical tips, techniques and wisdom with them.

Why us?

There are a lot of eLearning platforms available today  focusing more on the academic courses and certifications. Most of these courses are designed and taught by the academicians and instructors. And the duration of courses are too long with the price ranges from $10-$1000+. 

The biggest challenges in the current eLearning sites which eventually leads to lack of learner motivation and engagement  includes: dull courses;  old style of teaching; more focus on the theory than practical teaching; inexperienced instructors; more emphasis on the certifications;  becoming more expensive.

noschool.app took a different approach to change the way how education patterns work today. To start with, all the courses are priced at flat $1 and focus more on the practical education and wisdom — taught by the industry experts with decades of professional experience in the respective fields.

If you’re the industry expert and possess unique skills and interested in sharing your wisdom with the world while earning more money, you are at the perfect place now. You can click register as an expert and post your courses today. Our team will review quickly and approve it, if the content is valuable.

For any enquiries, please write to us at post@noschool.app

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